Cairns Stilt Walkers

Get ready for the hippest thing happening right now in Cairns. Cairns Stilt Walkers draw from a rich background of dance and street theatre to entertain large and small crowds at festivals and events. Stilt walking characters include Dragonflies, The Red Jesters, Calypso Stilt Walkers, High Society, Mega Funky Disco, Troppo Tourists On Stilts and more.

Shark Attack and the Clown Fish

Shark Attack combine street theatre and dance to create an innovative and contemporary roving performance style. With choreographed moves and quirky interactive comedy these sleek creatures engage audiences with their liquid movements. Working together with the Clown Fish this ensemble can create large scale roving performances. Suitable for meet and greet, roving large venues on their slippery scooters and close up interaction for adults and children.

Fashion Police

Look out, look out there's Fashion Police about. These guys will keep you safe in times of fashion turmoil. Street theatre with a difference, roaming entertainment you will never forget! The Fashion Police are here to protect you from tragic fashion faux pas. With advanced electronic equipment to measure the size of your flares and the colour of your cardigan, you will feel confident that your event will be free of any trouble.

Diverse Dance

Far North Queensland contemporary dance collective develop works to contribute to and collaborate with local visual and audio artists promoting contemporary art in regional Far North Queensland. Diverse Dance has been creating installation/performance works since 2004 and has performed at various arts events including On Edge Festival, Australian Dance Week, the Pacific Edge Regional Galleries Conference, Kookie Cabaret, Japan Week and Upholstery Arts Exhibitions.

Lola The Giant Puppet

At four metres high and full of samba rythm Lola is a character that sure stands out in a crowd. Designed for festivals and street parades this giant puppet will be the next big thing at your event!