Shark Attack

Shark Attack combine street theatre and dance to create an innovative and contemporary roving performance style. With choreographed moves and quirky interactive comedy these sleek creatures engage audiences with their liquid movements.

Shark Attack sneak up on unsuspecting victims and mockingly follow them while everybody else has a good laugh at their expense. Shark Attack also have very shiny, slippery scooters to get them around large venues and urban areas with ease.

No nets can contain them, no crowd can satisfy their need for fun. Whether you're down the beach or way out back keep your eyes open or you may be the next snack, for Shark Attack.

Have a sneak peek at Shark Attack's around Australia adventures. Shark Attack traveled to Wolfe Creek Crater, Kalbarri Gorge, The Pinnacles, Betty's Beach and Cactus Beach at the end of 2009.

There will be a longer version of their adventures put together later on in the year, stay tuna'd.


The Clown Fish

The Clown Fish work with Shark Attack to add another fishy experience to community and corporate events. The Clown Fish are slow moving and very shy. A team of 3 performers can work the crowd as Shark Attack and then change into the Clown Fish for a different type of interaction. A team of 6 can work together for larger events as pictured at the bottom of this page.

Street parades

The Clown Fish and Shark Attack can create a massive street parade float when combined with volunteers who wear sea anemone balloons as in the picture to the left. This anemone is made up of 16 ballet students who had so much fun in the street parade. They were so happy to be involved and when they got to take their balloons home they felt rewarded. Workshops can be run on the day of the parade to get into the anemone spirit.