Stilt and Scooter Dragonflies

Either zipping around on their scooters or way up high on their stilts these high fliers attract loads of attention. These characters have been made in the native Tropical North Queensland dragonfly colours and stand out at festivals, street parades and corporate functions. Dragonfly stilt walkers can be in any combination of stilts and scooters with up to 4 characters available.

Stilt Walking Red Jesters and Royal Family

This absurd ensemble combines satirical humor with elegance in their rich regal red and gold attire. Suitable for gothic, Venetian, masquerade and anything with a red or gold theme. This family can be either 3 on stilts and 1 ground character as pictured or as 2 stilt walking jesters. Great for meet and greet, gala balls or Christmas promotions as 'Santa's Big Helpers'.

Troppo Tourists On Stilts

Kitsch tourists with a map but no clue as to where they are going! Have they had a little too much sun? These cats can be as large as a group of 6 with 4 stilt walkers and 2 ground characters. Troppo Tourists play games with children including double dutch skipping with 8 metre ropes and beach ball games with giant beach balls.

High Society Stilt Walkers

Lady Lucinda Longbottom and Dandy Longlegs ooze bourgeois style in their delicious costumes. Great for the races and gala dinners as meet and greet or roving fashions on the field judges. Characters can be in any colour scheme to suit your event.

Calypso Stilt Characters

Salsa dancing, maraca shaking, limbo competition hosts can spice up any event with their latin lunacy. Big Juan plays the ukulele while little Carmen shakes her thing. Suitable for beach parties, fiesta and any tropical themed events. Great accompaniment for Lola The Giant Puppet.